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Worcester Staging Progress

As of 9/15/13, the Worcester Staging is now part of the mainline of the layout. The double-track entrance to the staging area has been temporarily connected into the double-track mainline at Ayer. This makes the staging area the reversing loop for the East end of the layout. Therefore, track 1 (closest to the aisle) should always be empty for trains to traverse the mainline.

Remaining work on the Worcester staging area: replace the current ground throws with Tortoise switch machines and set up the macros to access the 5 tracks at each end of the staging area.

Completion of the plywood pieces for the second staging area (Chelmsford) is underway. Once this is done, the plywood will be left untracked until the new peninsula is built and we have something to connect it to.

IMG_1878 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1877

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