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The beginning of the end of the shelves!

Last night, Don, Tom, Jim and I did the following:

1) Took down the lumber racks under the new staging area.

2) Moved all the lumber to the front wall of the room with all the other lumber.

3) Made a significant dent in the removal of the boxes from the shelves; repacking boxes to fill them, labeling them and storing them under the staging area.

Boxes now under staging
Boxes now under staging

Boxes now under staging 20131003_215931 20131003_215852



One response to “The beginning of the end of the shelves!”

  1. “The Wall of Shame” is completely gone now! Thanks to Dave and Jim we took the last of the shelving down and built a wood rack for all the 8 and 10 foot lumber that was in the shelves or all over the place.

    I stayed after the buisiness meeting and sorted through some more boxes placing more under the Gardner peninsula.


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