A picture of miniature trains.


Control your train with your cell phone.

Jim contributed a older laptop and Bruce added JMRI to it to enable Wi-Fi Throttles. We can now use Apple or Android phones or tablets to control trains on the layout. For iPhone users, download the WifiThrottle application (about $10) from the Apple Store. For Android, download Engine Driver (free) from the Play Store.

The laptop is housed under the helix. Turn on DCC first. Then insure the laptop has the USB cable connecting it to the Powerhouse box. If the cable is not connected, plug the USB end into either port on the back of the laptop. Make sure the wireless router is plugged in and turned on. When the laptop boots, it will automatically login and start JMRI and the WiFi Throttle server.

To use the throttle on your phone, connect to the wireless SSID NVRRA. The password will be posted in the club. Configure the wireless device to automatically find an available throttle server, select your train and start running!

When you’re done, remember to shut down the laptop before leaving. It makes no difference if you shut down DCC or the laptop first. If for some reason you have to cycle DCC, it will probably make JMRI lose sync with the Powerhouse. You will need to use File/Exit on the JMRI Demo window, then double-click the JMRI Demo icon on the desktop to restart it.

Contact Bruce if you have any issues.

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