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Category: The Layout

  • More Construction Underway! And Signals!

    We’ve closed down the layout for a few months to really focus on some overdue construction projects. In order for us to build out the lower deck under the Hudson River, we need to complete the scenery work on the upper deck while we can still easily access it. So, we’re generating foam bits and […]

  • Branch Line Work Started

    Larry, Paul and Bruce have built about half of the branch line that will split off from the main just beyond Mt Roberts. The branch line will cross above the main, then follow the IMAX curve, and exit through the backdrop to eventually cross over to the industrial switching shelf layout on the room wall.

  • Layout Status Notice – Track Outage

    Jim, Dave and others have been working on the extension of the upper staging area to connect with the new Fiddle Yard. There is currently no track connection between those two points. All trains must terminate at the upper staging or the Fiddle yard. The outage is expected to continue for the next one to […]

  • Ayer Peninsula now has Cab bus panels!

    For those of you without radio throttles, you can now follow your trains on the new Ayer peninsula with your wired throttle. Jim and Bruce extended the Cab bus to include five additional cab panels. There are now three new panels on the Ayer side, and one at each end of the fiddle yard on […]

  • Fiddle Yard Switch Controls

    I have added the Tortoise machines to the two mainline track switches in the fiddle yard. Each Tortoise has a two-button panel to control the switch. The red button on the panel aligns for entrance into the yard. The green button (black if the button cap falls off) aligns the switch for the mainline. Note […]

  • New Upper Deck Track Operational!

    The upper deck from Mt Roberts back to West End Staging is once again operational. Power was tied in and the entire run was tested with no problems. NOTE: Not all foam / cardboard / plywood / plexiglass guards have been installed throughout the run, so it is recommended that you maintain yard speeds through […]

  • The Flyover is… Outa There!

    On behalf of the layout committee Jim would like to thank everyone who dropped by Sat 11/30 to help with our project day. Craig, Matt, Larry, David, Bruce, Pete, Paul, Ron (a guest of Paul’s) and Jim, all put in an excellent effort to get the new leg of the upper deck very close to […]

  • The flyover’s days are numbered!

    Jim, Larry, Scott, Peter, Paul and Bruce added the new upper deck supports on the Ayer peninsula. Hopefully, within a couple of  months, the flyover will be gone, and the mainline will be extended out of the upper staging yard on the new panel, the fiddle yard will be functional and the mainline will loop […]

  • Building Structures for Gardner

    Hi Fellow Model Railroaders! I’m putting together a NVRRA Work Permit to start constructing a new building (or building a new structure, to put it another way) in the City of Gardner based upon pictures of the area and previous proposed plans for Gardner structures. The structure will be an office chair factory with an […]

  • Mohawk Yard (west end staging)

    Considerable progress was made last night (Saturday) by Craig and Jim. The large panel (4′ x 8′ with a corner cut off) was planned, cut, fit and assembled. Our first fitting into place was very encouraging. Now the bottom sheet needs to have the cutouts removed and lighting installed as well as a mechanism designed […]