A picture of miniature trains.


  • Mohawk Yard (west end staging)

    Considerable progress was made last night (Saturday) by Craig and Jim. The large panel (4′ x 8′ with a corner cut off) was planned, cut, fit and assembled. Our first fitting into place was very encouraging. Now the bottom sheet needs to have the cutouts removed and lighting installed as well as a mechanism designed to allow the future backdrop for the West Fitchburg industrial area (below) to be attached at the appropriate location.


  • The beginning of the end of the shelves!

    Last night, Don, Tom, Jim and I did the following:

    1) Took down the lumber racks under the new staging area.

    2) Moved all the lumber to the front wall of the room with all the other lumber.

    3) Made a significant dent in the removal of the boxes from the shelves; repacking boxes to fill them, labeling them and storing them under the staging area.

    Boxes now under staging
    Boxes now under staging

    Boxes now under staging 20131003_215931 20131003_215852


  • Chelmsford Staging Complete (for now)

    Tom and I finished up the remaining cleat connections and tied all the plywood down to the supports. This concludes the benchwork for the Chelmsford staging area.

    Until we build the final peninsula, there is nothing to tie into the staging area. It will remain without track or spline leads until that construction has taken place.

  • Chelmsford Staging Progress

    Don, Bill and I got the following done on the Chelmsford staging level last night:

    • Added 1×2 supports to duplicate the support structure for Worcester staging.
    • Made all the plywood cuts to complete the track surface.
    • Marked all the cleat screw locations.
    • Fastened about half the cleats until we ran out of 1 1/4″ drywall screws.

    Remaining work:

    • Finish fastening the plywood to the cleats.
    • Finish fastening the supports to the benchwork.
    • Fasten the plywood to the supports making sure the screw locations will be between the tracks  (when tracks added in the future).
  • Work Notice: Chelmsford Staging

    Work Notice: Chelmsford Staging

    I’m planning to be at the club this evening 9/26/13, arriving somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00 and staying til somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00. I’m going to work on cutting and cleating the remainder of the Chelmsford staging (which is under the Worcester staging which is under Gardner). I also have brought in 1×2 lumber so we can duplicate the supports that exist for Worcester on the Chelmsford staging.

    I’d welcome any help this evening. See you there.

    IMG_1886 IMG_1871 IMG_1872

  • Worcester Staging Progress

    As of 9/15/13, the Worcester Staging is now part of the mainline of the layout. The double-track entrance to the staging area has been temporarily connected into the double-track mainline at Ayer. This makes the staging area the reversing loop for the East end of the layout. Therefore, track 1 (closest to the aisle) should always be empty for trains to traverse the mainline.

    Remaining work on the Worcester staging area: replace the current ground throws with Tortoise switch machines and set up the macros to access the 5 tracks at each end of the staging area.

    Completion of the plywood pieces for the second staging area (Chelmsford) is underway. Once this is done, the plywood will be left untracked until the new peninsula is built and we have something to connect it to.

    IMG_1878 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1877

  • Coming Soon

    Stay tuned, there’s much more coming. We’re planning on a Tech Stuff page that will include

    • Scott’s DCC Primer article
    • Decoder assignments
    • NCE’s ProCab Manual
    • Scenery tips & tricks
    • Much more good stuff

    Also coming will be more videos and pictures.

    More interesting links (submit them if you have good ones)

    Please add your ideas on things you would like to see on our website. We’ll do our best to include them.

  • Pictures from your Model Railroads

    We’re looking for pictures from any member’s personal model railroads to post on the website.

    Let us know if you’d like to have yours displayed on the site (See the ones already there).

    Look for other posts on how to prepare your pictures for posting.

  • Deerfield Yard progress

    As many of you may know Deerfield yard has been operating in a trial configuration for some time now. We have started making the switch installations permanent with insulated gaps, switch machine holes and wiring drops for the West end ladder.

    The East end ladder has been tentatively installed. Without the drill track it is unable to be tested at this time and will remain inoperable for the near future.

  • Worcester Staging Progress

    Our new staging area is nearing completion. The plywood is all finished, and track has been laid around about two thirds of the available space. We now have a stub-end yard with 5 tracks available for our operating sessions. We can now hold 40 car trains in each of the tracks!